Fraudulent Business Inspections Reported

In the past several weeks, the Camden Fire Department has received reports of an unknown, unauthorized individual who has visited various local businesses to perform fire inspections. These inspections have sometimes ended with the individual in question attempting to collect a fee or fine.

While the Camden Fire Department performs commercial fire safety inspections at all businesses annually, it does not charge any fee for this service. The Camden Fire Department will also not attempt to collect any fine in person.

There are certain fire protection-related features, such as fire extinguishers and fire sprinkler systems, that are required to be serviced by the Arkansas Fire Prevention Code. However, these services are provided by certified, third-party companies under arrangement with the business owner — the Camden Fire Department only verifies that these services have been completed.

Information about these fraudulent inspections has been turned over to the Camden Police Department for investigation. Should any business or individual have any question about the legitimacy of a commercial inspection, please feel free to contact Camden Fire Department’s Central Station at (870) 836-2413.